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In order to meet our high standards of education, nutrition, spiritual/emotional health and living conditions we have found it necessary to have three sponsors per child. It is our goal to restore their God-given and ordained potential of success and significance; and to give them the best possible environment for accomplishing that goal. Each sponsorship is $40 per month or $480 per year. Thank you so much for coming on board with us to make Africa's poverty history and instilling a sense of belonging in every orphaned child! You are about to change the whole world for one child!

We appreciate you so much!

Mike and Annette Biggers

Let's get to know each other! Tell us about your interest in H4A and how we can best serve you. We want to connect you with the best sponsorship opportunity that fits your lifestyle and dreams. Some people want to start small and others want to dive in and buy property! It's all OK with us and we'll never pressure you or show up on your doorstep! We are thankful and delighted that you want to help an orphan no matter how small or big.

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