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Where does my money go?

It's easy! Your money goes where you have allocated. Everyone at Heart 4 Africa are volunteers and have full time careers outside of H4A. If a real nice person or corporation came along to sponsor us we would happily give up our "real" jobs and work full-time for this amazing organization. For now, we keep it as simple as we can in order to be able to work our careers simultaneously.

The sponsorship money pays for private education, 3 balanced meals per day, medicine and medical attention, vitamins, loving care-takers, sturdy shoes, clean drinking water, a daily warm bath, clean laundered bed sheets and clothes; and a warm-comfortable home with electricity, running water, a refrigerator, and television for watching educational videos.

We are growing as God provides and always look for ways to spend the money in the most honoring of ways. We want most to be good stewards of our sponsor's money and always invite helpful suggestions to improve our stewardship.

Thank you so much for your support and love to these precious kids. We consider you family!